NIPPON LOCK have ability to development design, trial production and mass production of automotive parts

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This image shows about development section.
NIPPON LOCK develop and manufacture switch for transportation market as core target but we don't limit only category development.
Due to make good use of the technical knowledge from transportation, NIPPON LOCK develop and manufacture switch for any other market such as, medical, amusement and, so on.
  NIPPON LOCK can develop and design VA to satisfy high level of request for switch, such as operation feeling and operation sound (Redesign to meet the difficult requirement or cost down). Even difficult limited structure or space of lighting components request,we are also accept.
If you are interesting to start new product in a short period or several months, the minimum lot of production.
Please feel free to contact us.
Moreover, our network can support quick delivery of prototype and hand made prototype.
Our network intend to make customer satisfaction.

Design facilities  
3DCAD Software   SolidWorks (2014) Correspondence format : IGES, Parasolid data, STEP
2DCAD Software   MICROCADAM (2014-R2) Correspondence format : DXF
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