NIPPON LOCK have ability to development design, trial production and mass production of automotive parts

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These are the lists of some electronic parts which have been developed.
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Shifter escutcheon Shifter escutcheon      
Room light Room light      
Shift grip Shift grip      
Air-conditioning switch Air-conditioning switch    
Power window switch Power window switch      
Sheet heater switch Sheet heater switch    
Remote control mirror switch Remote control mirror switch      
Cigarette lighter illuminated ring Cigarette lighter illuminated ring      
Light guiding lens Light guiding lens  
By wire By wire      
Shift lock control board Shift lock control board      
Shift lock unit Shift lock unit      
Overdrive switch Overdrive switch      
Step lighting Step lighting      
Keyless entry system Keyless entry system    
Handle pad switch Handle pad switch      
Cluster switch Cluster switch      
Sequential switch Sequential switch      
Combination switch Combination switch      
Small combination switch Small combination switch      
Seesaw switch Seesaw switch      
Large illuminated switch Large illuminated switch      
Waterproof and dustproof type push switch Waterproof and dustproof type push switch    
Sensor Sensor      
Hazard switch Hazard switch    
Oil watch Oil watch    
Ignition switch Ignition switch      
Operation grip Operation grip      
Fuel gauge Fuel gauge      
Tamping rammer operating lever Tamping rammer operating lever      
Handle switch for motorcycles Handle switch for motorcycles      
CDI CDI      
Auto cancel of a blinker Auto cancel of a blinker      
Grip heater Grip heater      
Throttle valve Throttle valve      
Bilge pump switch Bilge pump switch      
Emergency switch Emergency switch      
Membrane switch Membrane switch      
Security camera Security camera      
Joy stick Joy stick    
Generator control panel Generator control panel      
Electric bicycle connectors Electric bicycle connectors      
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