NIPPON LOCK have ability to development design, trial production and mass production of automotive parts

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Chairman and executive director Mr.Yoshimasa YonedaChairman
Mr.Yoshimasa Yoneda
In 1980, NIPPON LOCK was established as business technical group about design development of mechatronics.
In order to satisfy customer requirement, two years later NIPPON LOCK established production factory.
We start the production activities about main spindle of industrial and automobile.
However, we always concentrate at new product development.
Currently, our technical capability, such as key factor of business development, is evaluated from automotive market and others.
Nowadays, we concentrate on motion, safety and comfortable performance.
We are still continuously enhance functionality in our electronic parts products in order to increase our role.
We don't called electrical parts manufacturer as contract company but called as corporate partner.
Corporate partners is very important for going toward new era of automobile and industrial equipment.
Our company strive to make corporate culture as always anticipate and purpose customer requirement.
Excellence of function, quality and cost are simple things.
From now on " made in Japan" is product with good quality, we are continuously developing product to compete internationally.
Present, NIPPON LOCK has 100 of patents and registered practical models.
Our philosophy of management is " Live creatively " Even there is big changes in manufacturing industry but, basic things of production which are " creation " and " development" never change.
Our company continue to challenge aspire to be No.1 in market area, to make employee feel energetically in office environment, move consistently.

Chairman Mr.Yoshimasa Yoneda

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