NIPPON LOCK have ability to development design, trial production and mass production of automotive parts

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1980 Established NIPPON LOCK CO ., LTD.
Ohba certified public accountant office as our accounts adviser
Started business with Daytona Corporation
1981 Constructed headquarter at 300 Yokosuka, Hamakita City
Mechatronics design development ,trail production and operation support
Started business with Panasonic Corporation.
(Old name: Panasonic Electronic Devices Japan Co.,Ltd.)
Started business with IO INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.
1982 Established factory and started production activities
Contracted with Hamana clinic as industrial physician
Started business with U-SHIN LTD.
1985 Started business with YAMAHA MOTOR POWERED PRODUCTS CO.,LTD.
1986 Stared business with TS TECH Co.,Ltd.
1987 Stared business with OMRON Corporation
Stared business with Valeo Japan Co.,Ltd. (old name: NILES CO.,LTD.)
1989 Constructed new branch and moved factory to 489 Yokosuka, Hamakita city
Our main business operation are production, quality control and manufacturing technique
1992 Stared business with NISSEI ISOLATE CO.,LTD.
1993 Stared business with WAKO FILTER TECNOLOGY Co., Ltd.
1994 Stared business with Tokaidenso Corporation
1995 Headquarter rebuilding and renovated parking area
1997 Stared business with Yazaki Corporation
Stared business withHamamatsu Photonics K.K.
Founded NISSOUKAI (NIPPON LOCK Cooperative)
Stared business with Mikasa Sangyo Co.,Ltd.
1998 Stared business with ATSUMITEC CO.,LTD.
Stared business withRobin Service Co.,Ltd
Received ISO 9001 certification
1999 Started TSUKUSHIKAI (Social organizations)
Established ENYUUKAI Co., Ltd (Affiliated company)
Installed three-dimensional CAD system
2000 Won "Manufacturing Award" High-tech Hamamatsu Year 2000
Created homepage
Completed changed to be solar headquarter (wind power and solar power)
2002 Mr.Shinji Yamamasu became president and Mr.Yoneda Yoshimasa became Chairman
Started new organization structure
Started business with KEIHIN SEIMITSU KOGYO CO.,LTD.
2003 Started business with FUJI KIKO CO.,LTD.
Established delivery center and Enyuukai Takabatake work center at 26-1,Takabatake, Hamakita city
Hamamatsu machine Technical Institute (Affiliate to Hamamatsu Industrial Technology Center)
2004 Started business with KOJIMA PRESS INDUSTRY CO.,LTD.
2005 Started business with Visteon Japan,Ltd.
Started business with CHIYODA INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD.
Established the 3rd factory at 2665-1,Terajima,Hamakita district, Hamamatsu city
2006 Established the 4th factory at 750-2 ,Yokosuka,Hamakita district,Hamamatsu city
2007 Started business with DELTA KOGYO CO.,LTD.
Started research and development project with Faculty of Engineering, Shizuoka University
2008 Started business with JATCO Ltd
Started business with ALPHA Corporation
Started business with HYOGO SHOKAI CO.,LTD.
2009 Established Technical center at 320-1,Hirakuchi, Hamakita district, Hamamatsu city
Unified between headquarter and 4th factory ,one part of production duty moved to technical center.
2010 Received ISO 14001 certification
Started business with SUZUKI MOTOR CORPORATION
Completed Technology Center extension work
300, Yokosuka, Hamakita district, Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka province, 434-0036, Japan
TEL 81-53-586-1476 FAX 81-53-586-5786

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